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Pet Boutique PREPPY PUPPY’S SOFT FILLED PASTRIES SANDIA PET PRODUCTS Add CAUTION LEADS in a variety of styles to your displays. Visit Sandia Pet Products at (username: retailer / pswd: crittertailor) or call 800.546.8646 for a variety of patterns and colors. Line your shelves with Preppy Puppy’s wheat, corn & soy free soft filled pastries available in everyday & seasonal designs. Made in the USA Call 508.291.7555 or visit www. SOGGY DOGS STOP HERE! Beach and dog park mess require the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy! Perfect for back of the car, back door! Holds up to 7X its weight in water. Quick drying, no “dog- gie” smells! Call 877.504.4811 or visit www.soggydoggy AROMA PAWS Aroma Paws Coconut Hawaiian Papaya Shampoo & Conditioner is the perfect sum- mertime fragrance for your pooch! Fresh Hawaiian papaya, seagrass and seaweed extracts blend for an outdoors fresh fra- grance. Call 888.276.6290 or visit ARTISTIC DESIGNS FOR DOG LOVERS American made Bark Beads, fills the gap for your customers who want to see their dog in solid sterling silver. Call 855-207-BARK or visit COMPLETE HUMANE DOG TRAINING KIT shakeTrainer is a fast way to stop a dog’s unwanted behaviors - permanently. Handheld and easy to use. Comes with instructional DVD. Call 888.535.7874 or visit 40 JUNE 2014 ORGANIC SKUNK ODOR NEUTRALIZERS 100% Natural & Organic formulas eliminate skunk odors and residue on your dog. NO chemicals, sul- fates, artificial fragrances, or addi- tives are used. Made in the USA! Call Sheena at 970.290.3794 or visit PET BUSINESS WWW.PETBUSINESS.COM