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Natural Omega-3 Choices from Grizzly... .. E N W. reat g at a price Th mar e lead ket er Made in the USA The Most Affordable Wild Pollock Oil boasts a very high content of the Omega-3 fatty acid EPA and a very low Omega-6 content— making it ideal to support dogs with skin issues. The Most Complete Use Both in Rotation Wild Salmon Oil has high levels of the Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which work well for skin issues, cognitive conditions, fertility, vision and other nerve-based functions. Having a choice of wild Omega-3s makes it easy to “rotate” supplements without compromising on quality— they’re both guaranteed by Grizzly! See us at InterZoo – U.S. Pavilion – to learn more! Grizzly Pollock Oil and Grizzly Salmon Oil are both natural and sustainable Omega-3 solutions for pets. No fsh is caught for the purpose of making oil—our Omega-3 oils are co-products from the production of high quality seafood products for humans, enabling more of the fsh to be utilized in a better way... and to the beneft of our pets! i l d