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Made in the USA “We have Puppy Bumpers manufactured at STEPS, Inc. in Victoria, Va.—a company that employs people with special challenges. The relationship have we have developed with them over the past five years has been benefi- cial to both of us. The people who work on the Puppy Bumpers on a daily basis are so proud to show me their work that it is a delight to walk into the factory. Frankly, we have looked into having our product produced overseas to be able to supply the larger box stores. In the final analysis, however, taking the income and pride in their jobs away from our friends STEPS, Inc. is more than we can afford. We have the luxury of being able to do this our way—making a product that saves dogs lives and helping our community at the same time. What could be better?” Ann Price, president, Puppy Bumpers, Inc. the United States, retailers that see value in a “Made in the USA” sales proposition must be sure to highlight these prod- ucts effectively in their aisles. “If you are not already promot- ing these products, it would be a good idea to build a ‘Made in the USA’ section in your store,” suggests Senafe. This is a sentiment that is clearly shared by Pet Supplies Plus. Panfil says all of the franchise’s stores have included prominent “Made in the USA” rawhide and jerky sections for over a year now, after the company identified this as a key trend. These products are also highlighted regularly in Pet Supplies Plus advertising, and the retailer is currently looking into also promoting the sections through in-store events. According to Senafe, this all fits with what must be an overall strategy for calling customer attention to the expand- ing “Made in the USA” movement. “You should be actively talking about these products with customers, and highlight- ing them in your newsletters and through social media,” she says. “Sometimes, retailers don’t understand just how important the ‘Made in the USA’ label is to consumers until they start really promoting it.” PB Turn the page to see a round-up of “Made in the USA” pet products. 52 DECEMBER 2013 PET BUSINESS WWW.PETBUSINESS.COM