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GROOMING pets & products The Beauty of Spa Sales Assembling the right selection of spa products and offering them in an exciting, eye-popping way, is the key to realizing the potential of this growing category. By Carol Visser Selling spa products for pets is not a new idea, but it is an idea whose time is now. ways to tap into this burgeoning market. The pet industry, with its usual habit of following what’s selling in the human world, has released I recall being amazed and intrigued at Groom line after line of shampoos, conditioners and luxurious grooming items aimed at clients that love Expo in the 1980s by Tropiclean’s display of bright, to pamper their pets. And with so many pet parents devoted to giving their furry companions primary- colored, pearlescent shampoos in faux- that spa experience, there are ample opportunities for the savvy retailer to cater to this growing crystal wineglasses. I just had to pick them up and consumer demand. smell them—and we all know that once a product is Pretty much anything found at a high-end human spa has a comparable counterpart on the in a customer’s hands, the sale is more than halfway pet market. From hair products and nail polish to made. Retailers should tempt their clients in a simi- mud baths and aromatherapy candles, manu- lar way, by arranging spa products appealingly. facturers are offering pet owners an array According to Brian Collier, creative marketing and of products meant to indulge pets with a public relations coordinator at Tropiclean, retailers that spa experience in their own homes. Re- sell spa products need to key in on experiential mar- tailers need only to present the right product mix in visually appealing keting and what that spa experience means by provid- ing it to the customer right in the store. For example, use loofahs or other spa-oriented items in an island of products to set them apart from everyday grooming items. The right mood is also vital to capturing your cus- tomer’s eye—and pocketbook. Create a designated merchandising area that conveys the spa image, and keep in mind that bathing products are not the only ones that are a good fit. Perhaps, display a book on pet massage with a few smooth river a wooden table in a quaint corner of the store. Pipe pet-friendly music through the speakers, and set out an assortment of interesting items, such as Rescue Remedy, Bach Flower Remedies, a Comfort Zone Diffuser and a tin of Opie & Dixie Healing Paw Balm. Try displaying a package of War- ren London’s Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets in a ceramic basin draped with a microfiber towel, and of course, a shampoo and conditioner pairing. Don’t stop there—what else might be found in 70 APRIL 2013 PET BUSINESS WWW.PETBUSINESS.COM PHOTO BY Martina Osmy/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM rocks and a candle or two for ambience on